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Change account information?

Hỏi & Đáp

Step 1: Click on My page button (refer the image bellows)










Step 2: At My Account, please choose Account Management (refer the image bellows). You can change password, phone number and address. If you would like to change Full name, email please contact us through email: support@scj.vn.




How can register at SCJ?

Hỏi & Đáp

Step 1: Click on Register button (Refer the image bellows)





Step 2: Fill the form on NEW USER and click on Register



Step 3: After finishing step 2, you will receive the notice as bellows



Please check email and click on the activation link.





In case you didn’t receive the email, please click on the link as the image bellows or email to support@scj.vn


Payment Acceptance: