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This website is provided by SCJ. We take very seriously the privacy of our website users and the security of their personal information. Our Privacy Policy details how your personal information is collected and how your personal information may be used.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to set out the principles governing our use of personal information that we may obtain about you. Any dispute which may arise over privacy will be subject to this policy, the data protection notice (if any) incorporated into this website and the provisions of Vietnamese laws.

The privacy policies and procedures described here do not apply to a number of other websites that linked to SCJ.vn.

We may change our privacy policy from time to time. We therefore ask you to check it occasionally to ensure that you are aware of the most recent version that will apply each time you access this website.


1. Information Collection.
We collect information from you in several different ways on this Site such as via your accessing, registering, ordering, registering to some contest, or sending a question to us… Or we may receive your information from our business partners.

One goal in collecting personal information from you is to provide an efficient, meaningful, and customized experience. For example, we can use your personal information to: help make the Site easier for you to use by not having to enter information more than once, help you quickly find information, products, and services, help us create content that is most relevant to you, alert you to new information, products, and services that we offer.

Whenever signing-up an account in SCJ.vn, you are asked to correctly provide your name, payment address, telephone number, email address, day of birth, ID number and your occupation. All these information will be saved for your next registration.

We do not knowingly or intentionally collect personal information from children under age 15. If you are under the age of 15, please do not submit any personal information to us, and rely on a parent or guardian to assist you.

One or many hereunder methods will be used for collecting your personal information:

(a) Registration and Ordering. Before using certain parts of any Site or ordering products, you must complete an online registration form. These kinds of personal information are used for billing purposes, to fulfill your orders, to communicate with you about your order and the Site, and for internal marketing purposes. If we encounter a problem when processing your order, your personal information may be used to contact you.

(b) Email Addresses and Telephone number. Several locations of the Site permit you to enter your email address and telephone number for purposes including but not limited to: to register for a contest or sweepstakes; to request us to notify you of new brands, new product styles, or product sizes; to sign up for email newsletters and special offers; or to sign up for the SCJ.vn., etc. Your participation in a contest or sweepstakes is completely voluntary. We use this information to notify contest and sweepstakes winners and to award prizes. We may post on the Site the names and cities of contest and sweepstakes winners.

(c) Cookies and Other Technology. Like many sites, the Site employs cookies and web beacons (also known as clear GIF technology or “action tags”) to speed your navigation of the Site, recognize you and your access privileges, and track your Site usage.
Cookies: You can set your browser to refuse cookies from websites or to remove cookies from your hard drive, but if you do, you will not be able to access or use portions of the Site. We have to use cookies to enable you to select products, place them in an online shopping cart, and to purchase those products.

Our cookies are not “spyware.”

Web beacons: assist in delivering cookies and help us determine whether a web page on the Site has been viewed and, if so, how many times. We may use third-party advertising companies to help tailor site content to users or to serve ads on our behalf. These companies may employ cookies and web beacons to measure advertising effectiveness.

(d) Log Files: As is true of most websites, the Site server automatically recognizes the Internet URL from which you access the Site. We may also log your Internet protocol (“IP”) address, Internet service provider, and date/time stamp for system administration, order verification, internal marketing, and system troubleshooting purposes.
(e) Product Reviews. You may choose to submit a product review. If you post a review, we will ask for your email address and geographic location. If you submit a review, your geographic location will be visible to other users (your email address will be kept private).

2. Information Use and disclosure: your information will be only use for one of hereunder listed purposes:

(a) Internal Use: We use your personal information to:
- Process your order and provide you with customer service

- Improve the Sites’ content and layout, to improve outreach and for our own marketing efforts

- Determine general marketplace information about visitors to the Site.

- Process the payment and notice the transaction details

- Solve disputes and claims

- Prevent damages to these Terms

- Measure the viewing and using rates

- Contact you for marketing or promotion programs or customer survey.

- Other activities.

Communications with you: We will use your personal information to communicate with you about the Site and your orders and deliveries. Also, we may send you a confirmation email when:

- You register with us as member of website.

- You may submit your email address for reasons such as to register for a contest or sweepstakes;

- You request us to notify you of new brands, new product styles, or product sizes; to sign up for email newsletters and special offers…

- Other reasons.

(b) External Use.
We want to provide you with excellent service and to offer you a great selection. We do not sell, rent, trade, license or otherwise disclose your specific personal information or financial information to anyone other than to affiliates under SCJ.vn’s control, except that:

(i) We disclose information to the service providers to help them to perform their service. For example, in order to deliver products to you, we must share some information. We partner with third parties (such as delivery suppliers…) to ship products, to ensure delivery… In the example of shippers, we provide them some personally identifiable information such as your name, shipping address, email, and phone number.

(ii) We must provide your credit card number to financial-services corporations such as credit-card processors and issuers. Or in case you use installment method, we have to provide your information to the creditor so that they can make judgment and leasing credit decision.

(iii) We may disclose such information in response to requests from law enforcement officials conducting investigations; a court order; or other cases by law.

(iv) In case that we might acquire or merge with or be acquired by another company or that we might dispose of some or all of our assets. If that happens, your personal information may be disclosed to another company, but that disclosure will be subject to the Privacy Policy in effect. ­

(v) We may share non-personal information (such as the number of daily visitors to a particular web page, or the size of an order placed on a certain date) with third parties such as advertising or marketing partners.

(vi) We may publicly disclose the name, picture of the contest and sweepstakes winners.

3. Opt out/corrections
Upon your request, we will (a) correct or update your personal information; (b) stop sending emails to your email address; and/or (c) disable your account to prevent any future purchases through that account.

You can make these requests at the customer information section of the Site www.SCJ.vn, or by telephoning, or emailing your request to SCJ.vn’s Customer Service Department 18008055 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

SCJ never requests you to provide your credit card information or bank account via email. In case of receiving such kind of email, please kindly never reply to it and report the case to SCJ as soon as possible.


SCJ.vn have put a number of technological protections in place to ensure that our transaction process is extremely safe and that our customers' information is secured. Additionally, SCJ.vn takes a number of steps to help ensure that our selling platforms are safe and at the highest quality. However, keep in mind that customer protection is a two-way street. When buying on any online venue, caution must always be practiced.

SCJ.vn has developed the following guidelines to help ensure that your online shopping experience is safe and secure:

1. Protect your passwords:
- If using a public computer or terminal, always log out when you complete an online session.
- Keep your passwords private. Remember, anybody who knows your password may access your account.
- When creating a password, use at least 8 characters--a combination of letters and numbers is best. It is also recommended that you frequently change your password.
- Avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts.
- Passwords are case sensitive. For instance, "PASSWORD" and "Password" are two different passwords. When choosing a password, remember the capitalization you use.
- It's best to avoid passwords that are easy to guess, such as "secret," "password," or "letmein." We also suggest that you avoid using your name, e-mail address, or other personal information that is easily obtained.
- Though it's not a requirement, adding numbers or special characters to your password will make it even stronger. For example, the password "rivers2!%" is a much stronger password than "rivers."

2. Be wary of unsolicited e-mail and telephone contacts
- SCJ.vn will never e-mail or call a customer and ask that they disclose or verify their SCJ.vn password, credit card, or banking account number. - If you receive a suspicious e-mail with a link to update your account information, do not click on the link--instead go directly to www.SCJ.vn and then to your account.
- If you are contacted by, or receive an unsolicited e-mail from an unknown entity, and are asked to confirm or provide your password or personal or banking information, simply disregard the request and report the incident to SCJ for investigation.
- If you receive a suspected spoofed SCJ.vn e-mail, or discover a fake SCJ.vn Web site, please report the incident to SCJ via hotline 18008055 or email sc.scj.vn.

Payment Acceptance: